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average cost of 400 square foot deck

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck | Decks R Us

Most contractors determine their deck cost per square foot. "The 3 biggest things that decide the cost of your deck are the size of your deck, the material you choose, and the options you add to it." - John (owner) Our average deck is around 400 square feet or 20' wide by 20' long. Most houses are better suited for a more rectangular shaped deck, say like a 14' by 28'.

2018 Wood Deck Prices Per Square Foot | 12x20 Deck Cost

The average cost of cedar wood decking is $3.75/sf. Cedar is another common type of wood used for a wood deck. This particular wood has a natural beauty to it that pressure-treated wood simply does not.

2018 Wood Deck Prices Per Square Foot | 12x20 Deck Cost

Less labor intensive, resulting in lower installation costs; Outdoor pine deck can last up to 15 years with proper treatment; Redwood. The average cost of redwood decking is $7.75/sf. Redwood is typically the most expensive material used for installing a wood deck.

How Much Does A Deck Cost? Cost Evaluation

Average cost for a 300 square foot deck made of wood is $3000-$7000 when a contractor builds it. Deck Cost Per Sq Ft The cost of a deck per sq ft ranges from $2-$30; however, the average homeowner spends $5-$10 per square foot without installation.

cost of a 400 sq foot composite deck

should budget a minimum amount of $7,600-$26,000 for a 400 sq. ft. deck. ... of materials consists of types of wood, vinyl or composite decking.... [ Contact US] ... The average 16-by-20 foot composite deck costs $15,437, which breaks down to just under $50 per square foot. A high-end composite deck with a more.....

Deck Cost Calculator | Composite Deck Cost Estimator | Trex

Labor and installation costs are not included. Actual material costs and install costs can and will vary based on geographic area, site location, seasonality, design complexity, whether the product is stocked locally, and additional features such as stairs, hidden fasteners, fascia, angles, curves, lighting, etc.

cost to build 400 sq ft deck

IPE decking prices will be in the $9,000 range for a 400 square foot deck. In contrast, a larger, 400-square-foot deck built by a professional costs around $10,000, ... How to Estimate the Home Building Cost Per Square Foot.

Cost of Pressure Treated Deck - Calculate 2018 Prices Now..

Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out I.e; difficult configurations, patterns, the additional complexity of your home will add to the Pressure Treated Deck costs.