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Cristina Re Tea Cups, For High Tea with Elegance

Sitting down to your first high tea is an experience no one forgets. Fine china, tiny delights, perfectly brewed tea and aromatic coffee, high tea is an experience for all the senses. Our range of Cristina Re mugs and teaware is perfect for recreating the luxurious tradition of high tea with a modern twist. Whether it’s for your home, as a gift, or to treat your customers with the best, the selection from Cristina Re will take your high tea experience to a whole new level.

These products are designed to bring a sense of nurturing indulgence, with designs inspired by global travel and traditional tea experiences. Combining contemporary design trends with a defined style unique to the brand, Cristina Re teaware is elegant, sophisticated and modern. 

Tea Cups

Drinking tea out of a tea cup is an experience like no other. The physicality of holding a delicate piece of art and sipping the delicious, balanced brew of tea can instantly relax and revitalise. Our range of Cristina Re tea cups give you the chance to experience firsthand the indulgent experience of fine teaware. Choose from traditional lace patterns, bold black or white, luxe gold or sumptuous crystalline marble range. Whether you’re adding to your collection or looking for the ideal gift for a tea loving friend, these beautiful tea cups are the perfect solution. 


Simplistic in their design, our range of Cristina Re teapots exude sophistication. With beautiful gold detailing, these teapots are perfect for mixing and matching with our tea cups for a unique tea set that reflects your taste and character.

Discover the Difference

Here at My Posh Box, we adore Cristina Re teaware, not only for its timeless elegance, but for the ethical philosophy behind the brand. Australian owned and operated, Cristina Re focuses on ethical buying and giving back, so you know when you purchase one of their items you’re not only gaining a precious piece for your collection, you are buying an ethically sound product.

To shop our Cristina Re collection, simply browse our catalogue and add your desired item to your cart. To discuss with our team call us on 02 9045 0937. Haven’t found the special present you’re looking for? Why not explore our gifts page or home décor page for more ideas?

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